Specialists of SBS LTD based on Palfinger in the Netherlands


Специалисты ООО «СБС» на базе Палфингера в Нидерландах



Specialists of SBS LTD have successfully completed training and certification in the Palfinger company at a training base in the Netherlands, and are now certified for certification of all types of rescue equipment.

During this time, our employees gained not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in handling new equipment. They took an active part in the maintenance of the Palfinger systems.

International concern - PALFINGER
Development, sale, maintenance of equipment, staff training - this is not all services provided by the Austrian concern.

Palfinger today is a recognized world leader in the production of lifting equipment, such as:

hydraulic manipulators;
loader cranes;
portal and hook loaders;
passenger lifts;
tail lift;
railway equipment
bridge inspection systems.
The company offers the widest range of high-tech and modern lifting mechanisms. For customers, the Palfinger means efficient, innovative solutions and uncompromising performance.

Other benefits:
wear resistant components;
cost savings in the long run;
high performance units;
a wide range of special equipment to perform a variety of tasks - loading and installation of any type of cargo and in any conditions;
wide and operational service network.
Hoisting machines meet the needs of large enterprises operating in a variety of industries:

construction and logistics;
oil and gas sector;
forest industry;
municipal services;
power grid complex

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