Steering cars


One of the important auxiliary mechanisms on any vessel is the steering gear. This is the main assistant in the management of the vessel, it also ensures the safety of navigation. In order for the ship to remain at a given course or to change it in a timely manner, the steering mechanism and the steering wheel turn in a predetermined direction.

Specificity of steering cars
It is customary to distinguish two types of steering gears:



In the first case, the transmission from the electric motor of the machine is carried out mechanically, in the second - hydraulic.

The main requirements that apply to the steering machines:




Smooth operation, even at the maximum speed of the vessel;

Management from multiple locations;

Easy maintenance;

Easy to manage.

SBS ship steering machines

All these qualities and the relevant technical specifications are governed by the Maritime Register and international standards. Without going into the technical details of steering gears, we can say that its reliability is ensured by a special design, redundancy and performance is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Steering machines from the company “SBS”
Some European manufacturers of this type of equipment are not only its suppliers, but also have their own shipping company - for example, “Denizsan”. Thus, the technical solutions they apply are based on personal experience and backed up by years of active work.

No matter how reliable the supplier of the steering car, before going to sea, you must perform the following procedures:

Inspect the steering car for visual damage;

To test its performance by fully transferring the steering wheel from one side to another;

Check all power plants, energy sources including emergency, steering gears.

If a ship leaves frequently and has short transitions, this list of actions may be somewhat abbreviated. However, only the full vigilance of the crew and staff can serve as a guarantor of the safety of any vessel.

SBS Company has been selling ship equipment for more than 15 years. Constantly increasing the list of suppliers, finding the best solutions and options. Employees of SBS will help to make a choice in case of difficulties, talk about the advantages of one manufacturer or another, and give detailed advice on technical specifications.

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