Steering cars. general information


Steering cars on a ship: description, types

The main device for controlling the ship, is the steering machine. Her task is to maintain the chosen course or change it in case of maneuvering. There are several versions: with electric motors, mechanical or hydraulic drives. Each has its own number of features and advantages, allowing them to be used effectively on ships of various designs and purposes.

Features of steering gears
The safety of ship management is regulated according to the standards adopted by the international organization for the safety of navigation (abbreviated IMO). Thus, the design of the hydraulic steering machine requires at least two pumps. If the weather conditions during the voyage are favorable, only one of them works. In case of strong wind, storm or mooring in the port, both are used.

All steering mechanisms must comply with the following qualities:



Simplicity in management, repair, preventive maintenance;

Convenience in operation;

Ability to control from different points of the vessel;

Reliability of work in different modes.

In the construction of machines using two drives: the main and auxiliary. In this case, the transition from one to another should not be more than two minutes. The steering wheel should be securely held in a predetermined position using a brake or other similar device, and to control the position of the machine must be equipped with a special scale, the value of the division of which does not exceed 1 degree.

Where to buy steering cars
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