Steering is easy! And modern technology will help you with this!


The term thruster is an essential part of the ship’s steering system. This device can be installed in the area of ​​the bow of the ship or according to the scheme plus feed.

Using the thruster of the vessel, it is possible to optimize the controllability, but special rules of operation must be observed.

In our assortment there are many thrusters for a wide size of vessels.

Creating the effect of the cross stop, this mechanism helps to quickly unfold.

Thruster devices are of the following types:

- mounted;

- tunnel;

- pumping.

Ищете подруливающее устройство для судна? Подруливающее устройство есть у СБС!

In addition, each type of device has its own components. For example, a pumping device has a pipeline, a pump, a remote drive.

On tankers, cargo pumps with a longitudinal pipeline are traditionally used, leading water to the sea through a horizontal pipe.

The active steering system has an auxiliary screw, equipped with an electric drive motor.

Turning to OOOBSBS, you can not only purchase thrusters in the right quantity, but also find out any information about the series of devices of interest. In addition, it is possible not only the delivery of devices entirely. It is possible to order accessories, both with the assembly services which are carried out by our masters, and without them!

Historically, initially thruster type devices were installed only on special ships (ferries and tugs). But over time, it turned out that passenger fleet vessels and tankers also need these convenient support systems.

One of the most important components of the thruster is the remote. Because of the importance of the functions, it needs periodic and very careful diagnosis. Without special equipment, experience, and knowledge of some features, this will be quite problematic. But according to your request, we will definitely help you with the diagnosis!

Do not hesitate to ask about the nuances of the thruster. Although they are not so complicated, but the price of non-compliance may well be the failure of the engine with the need to replace it. If you follow all the precautions, then you can use the thruster effectively, even if the main steering system is completely failed.

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