Ship hydraulic cranes for various jobs


Regardless of whether powerful lifting equipment is available in ports, sea and river vessels should in any case be equipped with lifting mechanisms, in particular cranes and arrows. Thus, the independence of ships from the availability of lifting and transport devices within the port is guaranteed. It should also be noted that the port cranes do not always have the necessary departure to perform the assigned tasks. For these reasons, the ship's crane comes to the rescue.

general information

Ship-lifting machines, as a rule, are mounted on the deck of a ship. This opens up tremendous opportunities for working with any type of cargo that can be transported by ships. In addition, ship's hydraulic cranes are used to perform auxiliary operations.

Nowadays, on river and sea vessels one can meet gantry cranes, load gripping devices (traverses, spreaders, frames, etc.), light and heavy cargo booms (similar to more massive cranes), special lifts (lifting machines of simplified design), under-deck and jib boom cranes.

The smaller the mass of the crane, the better. The same applies to management - it should be as simple as possible. It is for these reasons that simple dockers with minimal specialized training are often managed with cranes. As for the "insides" of a hydraulic crane, then all electrical wiring, mechanisms and engines must be waterproof. This is relevant in working conditions near open water.

Our offer

SBS company supplies cranes for vessels of various types and purposes. Lifting equipment is adapted to perform operations in a wide variety of climatic zones, at different temperatures and sea conditions. Our products have established themselves as one of the best on the market.

The main advantages of the equipment from SBS:

· Production with strict observance of all safety measures;

· Performance and reliability;

· Safety and environmental friendliness;

· Resistance to adverse weather conditions and other aggressive factors;

· Ease of maintenance;

· Ease of use;

· Flexibility in operation.

If you wish to purchase a high-quality ship hydraulic crane for a wide range of tasks, then you turned to the right address!

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