Tecnicomar - a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems


SBS Company has been cooperating with Italian manufacturer Tecnicomar for a long time. Its main activity is the production of desalters based on reverse osmosis. It also successfully creates and sells wastewater treatment equipment.

Tecnicomar at the Nor-Shipping 2017 exhibition

Tecnicomar reverse osmosis water desalination plants presented at Nor-shipping 2017

June 2017 in the Norwegian capital Oslo was marked by the Nor-Shipping exhibition. This is an international exhibition and conference where leaders of the global maritime industry meet. Here they demonstrate the latest achievements of this field, new technologies and trends, as well as establish business processes and important contacts. Visitor groups include shipowners and managers, shipyard management, maritime organizations, port authorities and many others. The conference presented both presentations and round tables.

Tecnicomar could not ignore such an important event. On her own stand she demonstrated the latest developments in the field of water purification, and also presented a report on the latest trends in this field. It is no secret that due to the increasing population of the Earth, water resources are becoming increasingly valuable. According to the UN, about 340 million people in Africa suffer from a lack of fresh water.

Reliability and environmental friendliness
The work of Tecnicomar is all the more important in the light of forecasts that by 2030, 67% of the world's population will remain without access to clean water. Installations of the return osmosis allow to receive almost distilled water from sea water. This method is actively used in industry, medicine, shipping. In the future, the resulting water can be enriched with useful trace elements: salts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, etc. Thus, it will be not only clean, but also useful.

SBS is the official Tecnicomar dealer in Russia. So, the company has access to the most advanced developments of this company. Cooperation with a direct supplier allows you to keep the cost of products in the Russian market in the lowest limits. Ensured continuous interaction of employees with each other, which means the possibility of instant exchange of experience and constant support from the Italian colleagues.

SBS and Tecnicomar are working together to support the environment, using advanced technologies and research facilities of research institutes. This is a reliable and strong alliance for many years.

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