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In many regions of the world freshwater is a valuable natural resource. With the growth of the planet's population, its consumption is growing. A fifth of the world is already living in a shortage of water, and the elimination of its sources of pollution is a task of heightened importance for the human community. What to say about that in the voyages of fresh water is a fundamental resource!

Tecnicomar - опреснительные установки.

LTD SBS represents the most progressive system of water desalination developed by the Italian company Tecnicomar. It meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Sales are conducted on a global scale due to many years of production experience, taking into account the demands of the market. Products are designed specifically for specific needs: industrial, marine and for personal consumption.


Tecnicomar - опреснительные установки.

Tekhnikomar desalination plants operate on the principle of reverse osmosis. This means that high-pressure water is passed through membranes made of polyamide or cellulose. Their microscopic pores do not miss salts, impurities of chemical and biological origin. After treatment, two streams are discharged: purified, usable, and filtered contaminants. The resulting water is almost sterile and absolutely safe for humans. Ideal for all types of boats.

Not being able to carry large water tanks, most ships and yachts use desalination equipment while traveling. They are easy to operate, have different characteristics, allowing you to choose the best option for all types of vessels. Some can be powered by solar or wind energy, from batteries. Electronic control using the LCD display makes the functionality of the equipment available to all crew members.

Tecnicomar has received several certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which emphasize reliability and high quality of the product sold. SBS LTD cooperates directly with the manufacturer, ensuring the compliance of the supplied products with all international standards. It also allows you to keep prices at the lowest level compared to companies working through intermediaries. Call and leave applications: in any situation, you will be advised by a competent specialist!

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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