Telescopic crane from SBS is a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety


Ship crane with telescopic boom

Кран телескопический от СБС - гарантия качества, надежности, безопасности

Грузовые краны морского исполнения с телескопическими стрелами на современном рынке представлены в широчайшем ассортименте. Такие установки могут поставляться с автономным насосным агрегатом под - и палубного расположения, так и со встроенным насосным агрегатом. В общем, вариантов исполнения такого судового оборудования бесчисленное множество. При изготовлении телескопических кранов применяются уникальные профили, что в сочетании с легированной сталью позволяет существенно снизить массу стрелы. Показатели прочности металлоконструкции не утрачиваются.

The boom of the telescopic modification can consist of two or more sections, where one will be fixed and the second one retractable. The section that extends rests on the sliding plates, so the safety of ship and port personnel is not in danger. Such a device allows you to increase the range of the crane, and, if necessary, to carry out loading and unloading activities in cramped conditions and maneuver in space.

Principles of work of SBS company
Our company has an impressive experience in the supply of marine equipment, we are pleased to offer you high-quality modern telescopic cranes. Such equipment is designed to solve a wide range of tasks:

transshipment from one vessel to another;
loading from the pier;
unloading procedures;
and other operations on platforms and ships.
The telescopic crane is a universal system that is ideal for various types of vessels and platforms.

We work closely with the customer, so that the latter is guaranteed to receive the most safe and reliable equipment. In addition to cranes, we offer other services:

commissioning works;
supply of spare parts and components;
conducting scheduled inspections;
Special attention is paid to environmental issues: we strictly comply with the requirements for the state of the environment. Safety, quality and reliability are the main priorities of SBS at all stages of cooperation with the client.

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