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CMU (crane-manipulator units) are actively used on vessels, both river and sea. This equipment is characterized by a special design of such technical elements as hydraulic cylinders, columns, arrows and hinges, which is associated with harsh operating conditions. Absolutely all manipulator cranes are manufactured so as to be able to withstand the corrosive effects successfully. Special stainless steel, special primer and painting are used. In addition, ship cranes are characterized by an increased carrying capacity, as well as the wear resistance of the main structural elements.

Новый судовой кран-манипулятор Palfinger для очередного заказчика

Close cooperation with Palfinger (Austria)
SBS is the exclusive supplier to Russia of offshore crane-manipulators of all kinds of lifting capacity and design features. Palfinger annually invests in new developments, offering innovative solutions in lifting equipment. Cranes brand Palfinger excellently cope with their tasks at a wide temperature range - from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius, and even with powerful gusts of wind and waves of the sea.

The main advantages of CMU Palfinger marine series

high working life - with regular maintenance, these cranes will last without loss of initial performance for at least 50 years;

reliable and high-grade steel is used as a production material, which reduces the weight of the equipment;
wide range of load capacities and boom overhangs;
compact size;
the presence of a well-thought-out security system - nothing threatens the personnel;
resistance to harsh conditions, including sea water, low temperatures and strong winds;
it is possible to install additional equipment and integrate with ship systems.
SBS Company provides services for the sale, repair and maintenance of shipboard crane-manipulators from the world's leading manufacturer Palfinger. For more information, contact our specialists. If the need arises, we will help you choose the best equipment for performing specific tasks. We offer CMU on favorable terms with a long-term guarantee.

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