The company "SBS" offers to buy high-quality launch equipment.


Launch complex

Спуско-подъемные устройства

One of the main activities of the SBS company is the supply of special launch and lift equipment for sea and river vessels of various purposes and displacement. In our catalog you can find complexes of various carrying capacities for work with towed, autonomous, habitable and uninhabited vehicles or boats. It can be devices of small, medium and high power, the carrying capacity of which can reach several tens of tons.

Classification of complexes
All launching devices can be divided into the following types:

airborne - based on the name, such installations are placed on the ship one by one and sides;

feed - the location, respectively, is carried out at the stern of the vessel;

mobile - using the rail system can move around the deck;

bottom (mine).

SBS Company supplies reliable equipment from leading world manufacturers. We cooperate directly with manufacturers, which allows us to keep prices at an acceptable level and be responsible for the quality of the products supplied.

Here you will find:

crane beams of various modifications;
cable winch;
lowering telescopic and U-shaped frames;
cumulative views;
auxiliary cargo devices for maintenance and repair of equipment.
Other triggers include rolling compensators, operator cabs, various traverses, turning and gripping systems, keel blocks, main and auxiliary winches, power modules, control panels, hydraulic equipment, pumps, and damping mechanisms.

Launching devices are designed and completed, according to customer requirements. Our specialists approach this issue individually, offering the best solutions for the client.

If you want to buy systems for launching and lifting boats on ships, you have come to the right place. Specialists of the SBS company have many years of experience in this field, and therefore will offer the most advantageous launch and recovery solutions.

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