The most powerful PALFINGER crane manipulators


Marine crane manipulators of the Austrian company Palfinger by right are considered as one of the best in the world. The construction of such installations allows to carry out loading and unloading operations with any loads on big departures. The maximum carrying capacity reaches the 25 tons, and an arrow departure – 22 meters! Ship cranes are mounted permanently on ocean, river crafts and the ships.

Kmupalfinger combine the latest technologies and unique engineering decisions, that are mostly patented.

Advantages of Palfinger lifting equipment

The Austrian developer of the lifting and loading Palfinger systems annually announces the latest technology developments among which are:

· built-in system of protection against overloads of OSK;

· application of powerful hexagon profiles of an arrow which are characterized by increased stability to the twisting side influences;

· implementation of system of active suppression of fluctuations;

· use of modern high-quality filters of high pressure;

· a possibility of the emergency stop of CMU, thanks to the innovation NOT-AUS system;

· hydraulic cranes outside and inside are covered with a superresistant cathode covering (KTL) that allows to operate the similar equipment even in the most severe climatiс conditions;

· all components of the ship electrohydraulic crane manipulator are made from high-strength steels from the best European brands;

Palfinger ship cranes are specially designed for work with superheavy loads and their delivery to big height.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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