The newest icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”


The appearance of the multifunctional auxiliary vessel “Ilya Muromets” is evidence of the increasing presence of the Russian Federation in the Arctic. Its main task is to pave the way in waters covered with solid ice - up to 1 meter thick. The range is a little more than 20 thousand kilometers, and the autonomy of navigation is at least 60 days.

How are going to use the ship of the new generation?

Effective ice pilotage of naval ships is not the only role of the polar hero “Ilya of Murom”. Many other important tasks are assigned to the diesel-electric icebreaker:

· Towing other swimming facilities;

· Patrolling the northern territories;

· Transportation of crews of other ships;

· Supply of complexes, bases and facilities located in the Arctic;

· Hydrographic research;

· Collecting oil from the surface of the water;

· Transportation of various goods.

To perform all the above operations, the vessel is equipped with powerful energy complexes, rowing rigs and multifunctional newest equipment. On board is a 21-meter crane with a maximum carrying capacity of 26 tons, which was designed and installed by our company - SBS. Also an additional crane-manipulator is installed - its loading capacity is 2 tons.

Accommodation on a long-range ice-class vessel of such powerful cranes is due to the presence of a huge cargo deck (400 square meters) and a hold (about 500 cubic meters). The total capacity of the multipurpose icebreaker is about 450 tons.

On the deck there is also a dedicated place for the BL-820 inflatable boat. In the presence of water guns, a pump for extinguishing fires and a helipad.

The icebreaker "Ilya Muromets" is an innovative vessel, which is designed both for military operations and civil tasks.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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