Due to the appeal to SBS LTD, compliance with international environmental standards at sea will cease to be a difficult task.


International standards - the most important nuance, for non-compliance with which a company or an individual can be fined, or even more substantial measures can be applied. In order for these standards to be observed at the proper level, the operation of modern cleaning equipment is recommended in the field of interaction with the sea. It is in a wide range and at an adequate price is available on this site. By purchasing the wastewater treatment system at SBS LTD in the right quantity, you will not only protect the sea from dangerous pollution, but also get the opportunity to take advantage of comprehensive information and technical support from the company's leading specialists.

A fully automated system that requires only installation and start-up will be guarded by your environmental safety.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Очистительное оборудование для сточных вод

During the cleaning cycle, the polluted waters are disinfected, and at the exit in a pure state are discharged into the sea, fully complying with international standards.

Installations (depending on the variety) differ in different performance. This parameter can reach fifty thousand liters in 24 hours.

The equipment sold is manufactured by Tecnicomar, which is a developer of well-proven world-class reverse osmosis systems.

Unfortunately, those systems that were previously operated by most of our potential customers do not give full confidence that wastewater treatment is carried out at the right level. At the same time, timely replacement of morally and technologically outdated equipment with new equipment will guarantee your confidence not only in ensuring a decent level of environmental safety, but also in the absence of fines for non-compliance with this parameter. When ordering equipment, components and services in SBS LTD, full compliance with all legal and other standards is guaranteed in full.

Today, the environmental situation is such that the environment is polluted by man more and more. Timely purification of water at the right scale requires the most modern, safe and thorough approaches. You can learn about them, as well as agree on the acquisition of a system of the appropriate type, by contacting the managers of this information resource. Cooperation is possible both with private customers and with organizations of any form of ownership.

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