Towing hook


SBS LTD considers supply of devices with the help of which wastewater treatment is one of the priority areas of its activity. However, in the company's assortment a large number of deck mechanisms, without which the operation of the vessel is impossible. To such a simple, but indispensable for tug devices, can be attributed towing hook.

As the name implies, the main function of this device is to participate in the process of towing small and large vessels. This is one of the most important elements of the towing device. Its size and tractive effort are selected on the basis of standards adopted for vessels of various types. Durable towing rope - a link between the towing vehicle and the towed vessel. Its diameter varies from 24 to 66 mm, depending on the weight of the load. Fixing the cable and serves as a towing hook.

Towing hook on a ship - structures, featuresHacks produce different designs: automatic, semi-automatic and simple. The latter is able to give the cable only without a strong tension. However, the situation is often the opposite: towing is performed at a sharp angle and under tension, which is fraught with a coup of the towing vehicle. Therefore, the design of automatic and semi-automatic hooks includes a folding part, fixed by an emphasis on the latch. When it is shifted, the rope is released, while the semi-automatic means to control the latch with a special cable (or pneumatic actuator) passing to the bridge, and the automatic device - with a spring adjusted to the required voltage.

Hook towing ship from the SBS company

The safety of work done, often of a rescue nature, depends on the proper installation and operation of hooks. Therefore, SBS carefully chooses the suppliers of this equipment. All towing hooks presented in the assortment of the company have the necessary certificates and have been pre-tested.

One of the most sought-after manufacturers of this equipment is the Dutch company Straatman. Its products are widely represented in SBS catalogs. If you have any difficulty in choosing the desired position, contact the company by phone or on the website. They have enough experience to suggest the right decision, and will provide support throughout the transaction. SBS is guaranteed reliability and a responsible approach to business!

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