Up-to-date information about the benefits of operation, as well as opportunities for the use and acquisition of reverse osmosis systems


Opportunities for the purchase of reverse osmosis are included in the category of equipment capable of purifying and preparing seawater, removing harmful impurities.

Установки обратного осмоса для судна

The technology, called "reverse osmosis", showed excellent performance for:

- reduce the amount of cold water;

- desalination of sea water;

- accumulation of the chemical industry;

- preparation of water for boiler rooms or boiler rooms;

The system of reverse osmosis systems usually includes:

- mechanical filters;

- membranes installed in pressure vessels;

- the elements protecting the pump;

- high pressure pumps (body - cast iron or stainless steel);

- flow meters of analog or digital types;

- pipelines, polypropylene or stainless steel;

- steel frames;

- cabinets equipped with control panels and relay systems;

- manometers;

- other accessories.

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The pores of the membranes are soiled. The more, the lower the performance. However, this effect is not irreversible. It is not very laborious washing procedure, which can be automatic.

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