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Equipment for the ship bridge: navigator's chair

Предлагаем профессиональное кресло судоводителя от компании СБС

Ship control post (command bridge) is usually located in superstructures and logging. The longer the ship, the higher the post should be settled for control. This will provide a perfect all-round view of the helmsman. As a rule, the bridge is located in the middle or aft zones of the ship. There are types of ships when the control post is located in the bow, for example, it can be dock ships. Regardless of the location of the control station, this room must be properly staffed.

Our offer
The SBS company offers services of equipping and upgrading the bridge of vessels of the fishing, passenger, military and transport fleet. In our assortment you can find a large selection of navigational chairs - from simple, economical options to multifunctional modifications with enhanced comfort and a range of options. In the digital catalog are chairs for small, heavy, high-speed and other types of ships.

Available seat options
As we noted earlier, we offer the navigator's chairs in the widest range. These can be models with a column adjustable in height or fixed in a single position. As for the footrest, it can either be present or absent. In some chairs, foot stands are folded and adjusted in height. The same applies to the armrests with a seat - they can be adjusted.

The catalog contains stationary and mobile versions. The latter type is equipped with special wear-resistant rollers or a rail system - this ensures horizontal movement. In some cases, there is the option of seat heating and lumbar support. The package includes multipoint safety belts with soft rubbing pads.

If we talk about the trim, then it can be chairs made of genuine and artificial leather, as well as high-strength fabric, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials.

If you wish to purchase a professional multifunctional chair of the navigator, then got to the right address. Specialists of the SBS company will select the best option according to customer requirements.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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