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Marine equipment: windlass and spiers

Предлагаем высококачественные брашпили и шпили от компании СБС

Anchors perform an important function on the ship: they lower and raise the anchors, fix the chain when the ship is stationary, and also use them to select ropes for mooring. These mechanisms include spiers and windshields, which operate on an electro-hydraulic, electric or steam drive. The first and second options are more modern. However, today on tankers there are also machines operating with the help of a steam power unit.

SBS Company supplies anchor machines from leading world manufacturers to the Russian market. All products have the necessary certificates for safe operation. Possessing significant experience, our employees at the professional level offer a whole range of services:

selection of equipment according to the required parameters;
This is a special deck mechanism, which constructively has a horizontal shaft with special elements in the form of stars. With the help of such stars, work with the anchor chain is carried out. Turachki are attached to the shaft - they regulate the tension of the mooring rope, thus, the ship is attracted to the pier.

Device classification:
with gearbox with two cylindrical stages and two motors;
with a gearbox with two steps, one of which has a conical shape; operation is ensured by only one engine;
with a gearbox where two stages are also used - one is worm and the second is cylindrical; Only one drive motor is used.
Deck module that performs the same operations as the windlass. Spiers are actively used on large vessels of considerable width, such as passenger and icebreakers. It is possible to place the drive of these mechanisms inside the vessel, thereby guaranteeing optimal working conditions even at very low temperatures. The drive deck layout allows you to not clutter up the deck.

As a conclusion, we can say that the windlasses and the spiers differ from each other by the position of the shaft: the windlass is horizontal, and the spire is vertical. Of course, there is some difference in design. For example, a windlass has two turuchka and asterisks placed symmetrically with respect to the median plane. Thanks to this device, the windlass can work simultaneously with both anchor chains.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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