Choosing high quality deck equipment

Without deck equipment, the normal operation of the vessel is impossible. Such equipment includes boats, retractable and stationary thrusters, winches, lighting devices, tow hooks, cables, anchors, cranes and many other elements.

For each ship, deck systems must be selected individually. Much depends on the conditions of navigation, destination of the ship, its size, some other features, as well as the wishes of the owner or captain of the ship.

SBS Company offers equipment for vessels in a wide range of products - both from domestic and foreign manufacturers.


Important fixtures that perform many useful functions. Winches of any type are represented in our virtual catalog.:

  • anchor-mooring lines;

  • trap;

  • freight;

  • network;

  • trawling, etc.

The drive at the winches can also be used various: mechanical (manual), electric, pneumatic or hydraulic. Control is carried out by remote method or from a place in an automated or manual mode.

Anchor and mooring equipment for decks

This section includes windshields, capstans, rouls, all types of hawses, various anchors, various fenders, standing and running rigging, any bollards, moorings (steel, synthetic or vegetable), kip slats and other equipment.

Cargo systems

These include all kinds of arrows, all types of winches, a variety of elevators and conveyors, deck cranes (high-power, with a drum, just with one lifting boom, clamshell). Cranes can be found on such vessels:

  • dry cargo;

  • container ships;

  • barges;

  • timber trucks;

  • tankers, etc.

Other types of deck equipment

In addition to the above installations used on ships, the SBS company offers navigation and lighting devices, rescue elements (boxes, sloops, fire fighting equipment), various doors, mechanized systems for closing hatches, as well as many other things belonging to the class of deck equipment.

Contact the SBS office, and our experts will help you choose the right equipment and advise on all issues of interest. Call at any convenient time!

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