Cleaning of drains — it is simple and economical with the help of efficient modern reverse osmosis systems from SBS LTD

For many years, the problem of waste disposal from river and sea vessels was solved with the help of ambulance ships, which collected them and transported them to sewage treatment plants. However, the use of a sanitary vessel is very expensive, because of this, the crews often neglected it and threw waste overboard. The aggravation of the ecological situation caused a tightening of sanitary standards - which, in turn, set new tasks for manufacturers of water treatment systems. Today, high-quality disinfection and wastewater treatment on ships is one of the conditions for preventing pollution of the aquatic environment.

SBS LTD implements modern high-tech equipment for the effective disinfection of wastewater, complying with state and international standards, our company is an expert in the field of integrated equipment of vessels.

For several years we have been supplying units and systems of various modifications, so every client will be able to find in our catalog exactly what he needs. And we, in turn, will offer each customer comfortable and favorable terms of cooperation, ensuring strict compliance with the obligations.

In addition to the sale of equipment, SBS LTD provides service maintenance of cleaning systems throughout its service life and accepts orders for replacement and spare parts. Efficient wastewater treatment is just with us, because our system is confirmed by the results of tests performed under production conditions on specialized equipment using special technologies.

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