Cleaning of drains

Eco-friendly and economical wastewater treatment solutions for ships

The ban on the discharge of wastewater without prior treatment is valid in all controlled and territorial waters. All ships under construction and operating must be equipped with special installations for wastewater treatment. Crews should carry out their regular operational checks, cleaning and maintenance. Prior to special treatment, wastewater has suspended particles that can disintegrate only in the presence of oxygen in a natural way. When water is highly polluted, it is depleted of oxygen, disrupting the eco-balance necessary for the existence of algae and fish at the level necessary for the ocean. Wastewater contamination is also estimated by the proportion of e-coli bacteria per volume of water.

In the chemical method of wastewater treatment, an equipped tank accumulates solid particles extracted from the water with the possibility of their removal overboard in the permitted zones or at the coastal receiving devices for dirt and waste located in the ports. This installation is included only in controlled coastal waters, and in places where special regulation does not work, it is allowed to drain waste water from baths, washstands and showers directly overboard. At the same time, the water of the toilet waste is treated to be recyclable when draining.

SBS Ltd. supplies special installations for disinfection of wastewater in accordance with international standards. The equipment is fully automated to repeat the necessary work cycles and only requires a start / stop.

The mechanism of a sewage treatment plant begins with the collection of a fixed volume of wastewater from the storage tank to the working tank. The specified period of time, the water is settled, then diluted with a disinfectant liquid and mixed. The next stage is the addition of sea water and mixing in the tank for several minutes to complete disinfecting reactions and allowing to achieve the minimum required by the standard of pollution in the water. The cycles are 10-20 minutes depending on the installation volume and do not require restarting, the wastewater treatment plants operate in automatic mode.

Leading wastewater treatment plants recommended for disinfection are manufactured by Technicomar in a wide range of sizes.

From Ekomar 6 with a capacity of 2300 liters per day, which is suitable for small vessels. Ekomar 120 is recommended for large vessels and handles up to 50,000 wastewater per day.

The price list depends on the exchange rate fluctuations, therefore, to clarify the current price, technical dimensions and alternatives, please call +78122404464.

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