Cleaning of drains

Why do most yachts use seawater desalination and wastewater treatment plants? The fact is that such installations make it possible to increase the autonomy of navigation, without the need to replenish the supply of fresh water. Moreover, the sewage treatment plant allows for discharging treated wastewater without violating international environmental standards. One of the best companies producing installations for seawater desalination and wastewater treatment is the Italian manufacturer Tecnicomar.

Why choose Tecnicomar wastewater treatment systems?

The equipment of this manufacturer is distinguished by quality, reliability and durability. Over 30 years of successful work in the global market for equipment and plants for desalination and wastewater treatment, Tekhnikomar has developed a wide range of plants with reliable and corresponding to all current quality standards. The first quality certificates according to new standards, the company Tehnikomar received in 2000 and 2001. Even then, the equipment was distinguished by relatively low cost, ease of operation and reliability. Over the years of work in the global market, the company has been able to gain the trust of customers from all parts of the world. Every year, Tecnicomar launches new models of wastewater treatment and desalination plants. No wonder that the equipment of this company is chosen for installation on ships, yachts and boats. Reliability is the motto of a company that not only strives for continuous growth and development, but also cares for a clean environment.

Where can I buy products of the Italian company Tecnicomar?

SBS Company offers you to purchase high-quality products manufactured by the Italian company Tecnicomar on favorable terms. Here you will find the most suitable model of desalination plant and apparatus for sewage treatment on ships. Our catalog contains a wide range of plants and devices, differing in size, power and performance. We are confident in the quality of the equipment we offer. Choosing cooperation with our company, you not only get in return a high-quality automatic system for wastewater treatment, but also can save time and money that could be spent on choosing the most suitable option. Can't find the right model? Contact our specialists, who will be happy to provide you with informational support.

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