What is remarkable cranes manipulators Palfinger?

Austrian designers have created a unique crane-manipulator installation (CMU), both in technical performance and in power characteristics. To date, crane Palfinger is one of the most technologically advanced solutions in the field of lifting systems.

general information
Concern Palfinger has existed for more than 70 years, and during this time the manufacturer managed to design and create various modifications of lifting mechanisms. In Russia, such installations are very popular, and their owners get a good profit due to the effective and economical use in various fields.

SBS Company cooperates directly with the Austrian manufacturer Palfinger, whose designs have gained fame in all corners of the world. In addition to the reliability and efficiency of the operation of technology, due attention is given to the safety of personnel who serve cranes manipulators.

Safety devices
For trouble-free operation, cranes are equipped with such devices:

· Control system, capacity, stability, position and geometry;

· Safety valves and hydraulic locks to hold loads;

· A separate emergency stop switch;

· Stability control systems;

· Tilt indicator and load capacity tables.

Security systems are configured before the sale of technology to the end user, so the device itself is not possible to disable or reconfigure.

Electronic security system
In the Cabinet of Ministers built a special system that warns against overloads. There is also a control unit, which is programmed to automatically turn off when abnormal situations occur during operation. As for the lifting mechanism, it comes to the territory of Russia already adapted for the realities of functioning in our climatic conditions.

All calculations are made with the help of modern computer equipment, so the probability of error is excluded. All components and assemblies are made of high quality materials that are not afraid of low temperatures. Crane manipulator Palfinger will not lose its original technical and operational characteristics even after 10-15 years of use of the installation. The lifting mechanism can be operated without pauses, for many days. Due to the optimal size of the tanks and hydraulic actuators, the working fluid does not overheat.

SBS Company sells not only crane-manipulators, but also other marine equipment, including reverse osmosis plants, fenders, rescue and rescue boats, service towers, thrusters. If you are interested in our offer - please contact us!

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