SBS Ltd. supplies deck equipment from famous manufacturers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other European countries

Reliable deck equipment from manufacturers with an excellent reputation presents to your attention the catalog of the site of LTD SBS. This is all a variety of auxiliary elements, without which the functioning of the vessel is impossible: winches, davits, boats, anchors - the list goes on and on. The characteristics of each group of deck equipment are standardized by its own state-of-the-art standards, both current for several decades and recently adopted.

For ships of mass production, it is selected depending on the operating conditions and is supplemented individually. When it comes to equipping the yacht, the composition of the deck equipment depends on the wishes of the skipper and the calculations for each particular voyage.

You can purchase certified towing and mooring winches, towing hooks, fixed and retractable thrusters and much more. Thanks to reliable partnerships with renowned manufacturers of ship equipment from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other European countries, we are able to maintain prices below market prices for their products. You can receive advice on the characteristics of specific models and on all matters of purchasing deck equipment from our phone managers.

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