Desalination plant

The steady decline in global freshwater supplies makes the increasingly urgent task of desalinating sea water and purifying polluted water. Experts call reverse osmosis desalination plants a revolutionary solution to this problem. These fully automated units even in the most adverse conditions provide uninterrupted supply of purified water for domestic and technological consumption. The company “SBS” provides its customers the opportunity to purchase specialized equipment for water treatment. Our assortment includes desalination plants intended for desalination of sea water to drinking water, which are also designed to reduce the content of iron, organic substances, chlorides, hardness salts, chromaticity, and also remove all bacteria and viruses.

Their work is based on the principle of reverse osmosis: water under pressure is passed through a semipermeable membrane, while the concentration of impurities in it decreases. Passing water, the membrane retains a number of substances dissolved in it. At the same time, the water does not heat up (unlike the distillation process) - only the pump consumes energy.

Similar installations of reverse osmosis are used for purification and desalination of water for industrial, medical, domestic needs since 1970. But during this time they have significantly improved: modern desalination plants on the market are powerful, productive and compact. In the event of a breakdown and the need for repair, you can contact us and purchase spare parts as well. We provide desalination plants at special prices, one of the lowest in the market. All supplied equipment is certified and meets the highest quality standards. We guarantee that it will serve you for a long time and with minimal maintenance costs!

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