Disinfection of wastewater on river and sea vessels

Due to the constant deterioration of the ecological situation on our planet, the problem of disinfection and wastewater treatment on various vessels is quite acute. Previously, to solve this problem, special ambulance ships were used, which collected waste and transported it to treatment facilities for recycling. Unfortunately, this system had many drawbacks and was expensive. Modern sanitary standards place high demands on wastewater treatment systems on sea and river vessels.

High-quality cleaning and disinfection of wastewater on ships is very important. Fortunately, now there is a high-tech modern equipment that allows to clean and disinfect wastewater in accordance with all international standards. Such equipment should be installed on all ships without exception.

There are various modifications of wastewater treatment systems, which allows you to choose a cleaning system for any vessel, in accordance with its dimensions and requirements for the volume of the processed material and power. Modern cleaning systems are multifunctional and inexpensive, and their effectiveness is confirmed by the results of pre-sales tests and experience of use on sea and river vessels. As a result of the use of high-quality systems for the treatment and disinfection of wastewater, we receive water that has been decontaminated in accordance with the requirements of international conventions, which allows it to be dumped into the open sea without fear of harming our planet.

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