Collective ship rescue equipment

Life-saving appliances for ships are special devices that should guarantee the safe rescue of the ship’s crew and its passengers. For ships of cargo type, landing and launching according to international standards should be provided within ten minutes, and for passenger ships - thirty. The number of boats is determined by the modification of the vessel, the navigation area and the number of people on board.

SBS Company sells duty and rescue boats that meet all the required standards and standards for technical and operational characteristics. Our rescue equipment will ensure the safety of life of the crew of the ship, which is in distress.

Requirements for life-saving appliances:
· Excellent stability, even in bad weather conditions;

· Self-restoring position when overturning;

· Good maneuverability;

· Coloring in bright and saturated orange color;

· The presence of the engine (necessarily provided instructions for start-up and control);

· Fuel is calculated for one day of continuous operation.

Other features
If the boat is flooded, then people in any case should be on the surface of the water. For this purpose, special sealed air containers are provided. All boat parameters are indicated on board in the bow. Additionally, the sides are covered with reflective stripes.

There is an electric lamp inside the rescue or rescue boat. The battery charge should be enough for 10-12 hours of continuous operation. There is a flashing light on the outside - 40-80 flashes of white color are delivered per minute.

As for the hull of a lifeboat, it is made of high-strength material, and its construction is double. Portholes - from the special tempered glass possessing high fire resistance.

Periodically, rescue and rescue boats should be checked for compliance with the requirements for technical condition and supply, that is, you need to make sure that they are reliable and fully equipped. Once every few months, rescue equipment is lowered into the water.

SBS Company offers high-quality collective rescue ship facilities that meet accepted standards of reliability and safety of operation.

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