Duty boats. Features

Previously, the functions of the lifeboats were performed by lifeboats, but this was impractical. Launching takes a lot of time, and in this case every minute is precious. It is for this reason that lighter rescue boats have been developed, which are used to rescue people who, for whatever reason, are overboard or found on open water.

Rescue boat - a device designed to search / collect / tow lifeboats or select people in distress. It is characterized by mobility, which allows you to quickly explore the necessary territory. Motor stationary or suspended type has great power to perform the tasks. The propeller is equipped with protection in order not to injure the rescued person. The boat can have a speed of up to eight knots. Fuel lasts for three hours depending on the configuration.

The descent is carried out in five minutes, and the boat itself is always in the assembled state, in alert. It is enough to remove the protective awning. Such boats are able to function even in low visibility conditions and keep afloat in a flooded state. Inside the design, special air cavities are provided.

Design features
Boats are designed for long-term stay in open water - at least thirty days. The body is made inflatable, rigid or combined - it does not matter.

Basically, the body is made of modern plastics: rotting, durable, no need for painting, easy to maintain and repair, relatively light weight and generally practical to use.

Previously, such boats were made of wood or metal - they can still be found on old ships even now.

Where can I get a boat on duty?
SBS Company offers for sale life-saving equipment and various types of components, both in terms of technical and operational characteristics and cost. Here you will find lifeboats and rescue boats, horizontal, swivel and collapsing davits, and other equipment, as well as spare parts for it.

Interested in the offer? Address to our managers in the specified contact information - phones and e-mail. No one will be left without attention.

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