Hydraulic crane

Efficient and durable ship equipment, including cargo equipment — for example, an electro-hydraulic crane — can be purchased from SBS LTD. An electro-hydraulic crane is more compact and lightweight than an electric one of the same capacity. It is easier to manage. In electric cranes, the mechanisms are controlled by levers — that is, the controls are located close to the mechanisms. In hydraulic actuators, they are connected to valves that control the system of pipes and hoses - this allows the controls to be located far from the hydraulic mechanisms in a safe place for the operator. Another advantage of a hydraulic crane is the possibility of continuously varying the speed of the mechanism.

The vessel is equipped with cargo devices of various constructive types depending on its type, purpose, and size, mode of transportation and characteristics of the goods transported, as well as the characteristics of the operating basin. In the latter case, it refers to the degree of equipment ports reloading equipment. The more unequipped ports and port points in the basin, the more the ship needs its own efficient cargo device. The poorly equipped basins include the North and Far East. You can get advice on the characteristics of the equipment offered by SBS LTD from telephone managers.

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