SBS LTD supplies fenders, mooring devices, wear-resistant and non-slip coating materials, as well as ship equipment at manufacturers' selling prices.

SBS LTD supplies fenders, as well as ship equipment at manufacturers' selling prices.

It is not a secret for anyone that on any vessel specialized mooring shock absorbers are necessary - ship fenders. These are devices intended for the hull of a ship from strikes against the hulls of other ships or a berth. Their task is to prevent possible deformation by distributing the impact energy over a large area.

Interestingly, previously, to protect the sides, they used woven ropes, canvas bags, retired life jackets, and the sailors hung them on the board outside. Thus, navigators out of the situation, until in 1955 in Norway, began a mass production of vinyl fenders. Modern fenders are made from practical high-tech materials and have a much more presentable appearance than their home-made predecessors, and they cope with their task better. Today, fenders are elastic rubber profiles of various shapes, sometimes filled with air.

SBS LTD offers its customers several options for fenders - for ships of various sizes. You can purchase not only the necessary equipment from us, but also materials for ship coatings - in particular, wear-resistant and non-slip flooring for decks. Also in our range - a wide range of high-quality equipment for all ship systems.

All products presented in SBS LTD have specialized certificates and meet quality standards, we work directly with international suppliers, which is why we are ready to provide you with marine equipment, mooring devices, as well as non-slip coating materials at manufacturers selling prices.

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