Folding, mobile and standard hydraulic cranes

Crane-manipulator or abbreviated to CMU is a cargo equipment that is used for unloading / loading ships in ports. Hydraulic crane has a number of advantages: it is a maneuverable and compact device that can function in difficult or cramped conditions.

Modern developments supply such CMUs that it is possible to use in seismically dangerous zones, at low temperatures, strong winds and the most diverse state of the sea surface.

Range of choice

Hydraulic cranes are characterized by a wide range of performance, capacity, size and service areas. All cranes consist of:

· Columns (towers);

· Arrows - usually box-shaped, telescopic, folding or rigid;

· Winch;

· And other specialized equipment, depending on the specification and operation objectives.

1. Crane with folding boom. Differs in a compact design, at the expense of the arrow developed on two parts. Using such a mechanism, it is possible to carry out standard loading and unloading operations on vessels of medium dimensions. Additionally, various control systems are provided: remote, from a remote control or from a crane.

2. With a stiff boom. It is applied in work with dangerous freights, pipes, hoses and containers. Such a hydraulic crane is characterized by high performance, reliability, stability of work by the possibility of activating the systems of hydraulic and manual control. The arrow completely rotates around its axis - by 360 degrees.

3. With retractable boom. The crane is equipped with a hydraulic drive. The arrow consists of several parts that are placed one inside the other.

Stationary and mobile hydraulic cranes

The first option is fixed to a flat surface in the area of ​​loading and unloading. Fixing the base of the crane is usually carried out by welding or using special bolts or other fasteners.

The mobile crane is equipped with wheels, thanks to which the device moves in any direction. Such systems usually have an external pump. In terms of size, power and performance are inferior to stationary counterparts.

The SBS company represents hydraulic cranes of various modifications and standard sizes from the leading European manufacturers. For detailed information, please contact our managers!

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