SBS LTD offers galley equipment from a German manufacturer with a 130-year history that meets all sanitary standards.

The SBS company presents to your attention the German galley equipment in a wide range of names under the Bonhoff trademark. This is a manufacturer with more than 130 years of history, supplying equipment for passenger, commercial, military vessels and luxury yachts to China, India, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Poland and other countries of the world. The truly German quality of Bonhoff products is a guarantee of the safety and convenience of the galley personnel, a place whose importance for the ship cannot be overestimated.

A galley is an area of ​​particular risk on any vessel. First, due to increased fire hazard. Among the most common causes of fires in the galley - fat and oil fire. Secondly, the equipment of the ship's catering department is a source of injury for the personnel: falls, bruises, cuts, burns. Therefore, the galley equipment - heat, refrigeration, electromechanical, dishwasher - special requirements for safety.

Bonhoff company produces equipment for all types of heat treatment of products, induction equipment, combi-steamers, deep fryers that comply with international standards and sanitary standards of Russia, as well as stainless steel galley furniture. Any laundry and galley equipment of this German brand can be purchased from us. In addition to the supply of equipment, we offer its maintenance on-board ship.

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