Hook tow

Reliability is the main and most important requirement that is imposed not only on the towing hook, but also on all the towing equipment installed on the vessel. To avoid the sad consequences, it is very important that the towing hook is properly installed on the vessel. An incorrectly selected model of the towing hook can also suddenly fail during a storm. To avoid this, it is very important not only to choose a qualitative model of the hook, but also to correctly fulfill certain structural requirements.

What should I look for when choosing a towing hook?

So that the towing hook does not fail at the most crucial moment, and has a long service life, make sure that its hook is made of solid-forged elements or made of a solid piece. It is necessary to have the opportunity to fold the hook, and there was a special device for returning the towing cable under load. The ideal option would be the choice of the recoil element of the hook, controlled from various positions. It should be noted that these requirements are not presented where an additional towing hook is provided.

The absence of shock absorbers is allowed in case the tug is a limited navigation area. However, in some cases, it is recommended to use shock absorbers on each of the installed hooks that can withstand 130% of the nominal load.

 How to install hook tow on a vessel?

Before proceeding with the installation of a towing hook on the vessel, it must be tested with a load in the amount of twice the nominal.

Special attention should be paid to the cable stopper, the fastening details of which should be chosen so that their breaking load is not less than one and a half times the nominal towing hook in general.

Where can I get a hook tow?

SBS company offers its customers a wide range of towing hooks, which are distinguished by high reliability and ease of operation. All models are manufactured to meet all requirements and current quality standards. Choosing devices in our company, you will not only acquire a truly reliable and high-quality device, but also be able to save time and money. Only with us you can be absolutely confident in the proper operation of the devices purchased from us.


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