Hydraulic and cable cranes

Crane manipulator is a special technique, including controls, boom, support base and used for lifting operations on ships and in ports. The most important advantage of the CMU (crane-manipulator installation) is as follows: installation is possible in absolutely any place, depending on the purpose and area of ​​operation.

The crane can vary in size and capacity, as well as boom reach, degree of automation, and height of load lifting. The modern market offers a wide variety of CMU with all kinds of mounted mechanisms.

Cable Manipulator

A classic device that is widely popular in Russia. Such systems resemble traditional cranes, in which the boom is extended in a telescopic manner. Something like the usual fishing rod for fishing.

Of the benefits should be highlighted:

  • ability to perform operations in the presence of obstacles; 

  • ability to perform operations;

  • the ability to rotate around its axis without restrictions;

  • moving objects in a vertical plane;

  • highest positioning accuracy;

  • the ability to go low - even below the installation plane;

  • wide view of the operator, which is located on the column;

  • reliable overload warning system.

Hydraulic crane - manipulator

The cable of such machines is absent, but, at the same time, the arrow freely extends, rotates and bends in the hinges. It should also be noted compactness. These are the main advantages of hydraulic manipulators.

SBS Company sells and installs to the CMU a wide variety of modifications, the quality of which is beyond doubt. We directly cooperate with well-known manufacturers from Europe, so we can guarantee a high level of service and reasonable prices.


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