Compact and manoeuvrable hydraulic crane is indispensable for loading and unloading in limited space conditions

Hydraulic ship crane is designed for loading and unloading at the port. Often, the conditions of the port and the closeness of the vessel itself create some difficulties of rigging work - they are not afraid of such a crane. Compact and maneuverable, it is truly indispensable when working in cramped conditions, in confined spaces, and when handling non-standard loads.

We present to your attention the units of different capacity, performance and serviced areas, as well as other lifting ship equipment, components and spare parts at prices from the manufacturer. These are, in particular, cranes with folding boom (reach up to 26 meters, carrying capacity - up to 40,000 kg.), With a boom of constant length (departure up to 36 meters, carrying capacity up to 30,000 kg), with a telescopic boom (departure up to 36 m., carrying capacity up to 12 000 kg.).

In our assortment - not only lifting equipment, but also equipment for all ship systems (rescue, deck, galley and laundry, sanitary and many others.). In addition, we carry out the preparation of technical documentation and service maintenance of all the equipment supplied. Whether you need a hydraulic tap or an oily water separator, contacting us will make the right choice. After all, we have vast experience in shipping, shipbuilding and international commerce.

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