Hydraulic crane

Stationary hydraulic crane for ships used in harsh climatic conditions and seismically active areas

It is the hydraulic mechanism that ensures smooth movement of goods with the ability to fix a stable position at the required height. In climate zones with harsh weather conditions, mobile loading equipment gives way to a stationary hydraulic crane. SBS LTD supplies a wide range of stationary hydraulic CMUs from global manufacturers certified specifically for operation at temperatures from -40 ° to + 50 ° С (including taking into account sharp temperature drops). Hydraulic cranes supplied by SBS LTD are developed taking into account international safety standards, environmental friendliness, operational flexibility and compactness, the possibility of manufacturing on special order and supplying additional equipment is allowed.

In addition to reliability, cranes with a column in the base also differ in compactness at the time of transportation; various modifications are made depending on the boom reach and the required carrying capacity (from 5 to 2000 tons). Palfinger has a whole line of hydraulic cranes for ships specifically for standard weather conditions and for work in seismically active or explosive areas, with increased resistance to any sea weather.

There are hydraulic CMU with step and stepless speed control of all working operations. For technical specifications of the hydraulic system and power supply of the crane, please consult through the feedback form.

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