Marine systems for seawater treatment

The SBS company is engaged in the supply, installation and further maintenance of a diverse marine equipment produced by leading foreign companies. Including, we offer desalination plants for reverse osmosis of the Italian brand Tecnicomar. Such systems work without the use of chemicals - they allow you to purify water to an acceptable level in order to use it as drinking water.

Installations of reverse osmosis for a short period of time are able to recycle a huge amount of water - it all depends on the type of unit and, of course, the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Variety of choices

Innovative developments annually improve cleaning systems and continuously offer technological innovations in the field of marine equipment.

1. Distillation. Such units process water, which is then suitable for technical use, but it is not recommended to eat it for a long time.

The principle of operation is as follows: sea or polluted water is evaporated, and the resulting pure steam condenses. I have a large energy consumption.


· Surface (boiling)

· No surface (non-boiling).

2. Installations of the return osmosis (filtrational). Under high pressure, polluted or saline water passes through a special membrane. Purification occurs up to 99%. The resulting water is fully fit for human consumption. And to increase the quality characteristics, it is additionally driven through bactericidal systems and mineralizers.

Reverse osmosis plants are designed to meet the necessary requirements for repair, maintenance and operation. In addition, everything is done to ensure that the equipment does not take up much free space.

Systems of various dimensions, power and performance will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of vessels - from large liners to private small yachts.

SBS LTD supplies multifunctional and inexpensive reverse osmosis plants.

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