Reliable and high-performance hydraulic cranes

SBS Company supplies ship hydraulic cranes for work in a wide variety of geographic latitudes and climate conditions. Austrian brand cranes Palfinger have proven to be reliable and high-performance systems for performing any cargo operations. We offer hydraulic cranes with different load capacities and boom for mounting on the sides / stern.

The assortment includes lifting equipment with a diverse set of options for performing operations in various seismic zones and in different sea states. Our equipment strictly complies with international standards and norms, and also possesses evidence from leading classification communities from around the world.

Features of hydraulic cranes

This is a specialized equipment for work in ports, which is characterized by maneuverability and compactness. Thanks to this, it is possible to carry out cargo operations even in tight spaces and with non-standard cargo.

Modern hydraulic cranes are characterized by a wide range of performance, carrying capacity and the ability to service different areas of cubic capacity.

Hydraulic crane consists of such components.:

  • base (column);
  • lifting winch;

  • auxiliary winch;

  • jib winch;

  • jib.

The boom can be box-shaped, solid and telescopic. The latter option is the most widespread, due to impeccable technical and operational performance. Additionally, the boom can be equipped with a special protective unit, which nullifies the risks of an explosion.

Compared with its counterparts, a hydraulic crane has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • for production there is no need to use expensive non-ferrous metals;

  • increased wear resistance of the hydraulic drive;

  • overload protection;

  • smooth regulation of movements;

  • getting increased traction;

  • ease of management.

Types of hydraulic cranes

  1. With folding boom. It features a flexible and compact design, which saves free space and provides easy operation. The boom device is standard, only in addition it can be folded in half. It is used, as a rule, on commercial and industrial vessels of average displacement.
  2. With straight boom. Mainly used for loading containers, although the operation of the crane universal. Of the advantages we should highlight the continuous uninterrupted operation, ease of management, the use of various control systems - hydraulic and manual, as well as reliability. The arrow rotates freely around its axis.
  3. With retractable boom. Ideal for limited spaces. It consists of several links, namely metal pipes, where one is screwed into another.
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