Do you need a rescue boat that meets the requirements and standards for design and equipment? Contact SBS LTD

SBS LTD provides lifeboats that comply with the requirements and standards for construction and equipment.

Rescue boat - is a free ship, which is designed to transport people and goods, but it also serves to rescue on board the people who fell overboard and the people found. This is an integral ship equipment that must necessarily be on board the ship and comply with all safety requirements. The rescue lifeboat ensures the survival of people in distress from the moment they left the ship. Based on this purpose, the basic requirements for its design and equipment were formulated.

For example, the number of boats on board a ship is determined based on its type, the number of people on board, the area of ​​navigation. On cargo ships of an unlimited navigation area from each side boats are placed that can provide the entire crew (100% for each board). A passenger ship is equipped with boats on each side that can accommodate 50% of the crew and passengers (50% for each board). It is very important that each of these boats is safe and able to ensure a peaceful stay of people in it.

In addition, lifeboats are divided into descendable free fall and mechanical means. Regardless of the design, all lifeboats should have a mechanical engine with steering from the wheelhouse (speed on quiet water up to 6 knots), propeller protected from impacts, have high maneuverability, good stability, buoyancy even when filled with water, and also be restored when tipping on an even keel. SBS Ltd. is ready to provide you with lifeboats that meet all these requirements. We will provide delivery at a convenient time for you and in the right quantity.

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