Reverse Osmosis - the price of reverse osmosis systems

The world reserves of fresh water are constantly being depleted, so the task of desalinating seawater is becoming more and more urgent. Desalination and purification of seawater may be necessary during long voyages, when it is impossible to carry abundant supplies of drinking water on board a ship. At the moment there are many devices that can cope with this task. One of the most optimal systems for the desalination and purification of seawater is the installation of reverse osmosis.

Desalination plants of this type have been used for water purification and desalination since the 1970s. Of course, modern installations of reverse osmosis have a more advanced design. They are fully automated and are able to continuously supply purified water suitable for drinking and other household and technical needs. Also, reverse osmosis plants can reduce the water content of iron, chlorides, hardness salts, organic substances, all kinds of bacteria and viruses. At the same time the price of such installations is relatively low.

In reverse osmosis plants, a special semi-permeable membrane is used, passing through which sea water is purified from various kinds of impurities and becomes fresh and drinkable. The reverse osmosis membrane is unique in its pores, equal in size to the water molecule. The water molecule is smaller than the molecules of salts and other impurities. Accordingly, when we pass water through a membrane in a reverse osmosis unit, all impurities are filtered out and only pure water remains.

Installations of the return osmosis are one of the most perfect systems for water purification and are widely used on sea vessels and in the industry.

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