Reverse osmosis desalination plants and cleaning systems

The development of a commercial fleet and care for the environment have led to the need to provide passenger and cargo ships with wastewater treatment systems. The modern world pays due attention to the problem of environmental pollution. For this reason, sanitary norms and standards make quite high demands on the treatment of wastewater on ships of all types and classes.

For SBS, wastewater treatment is not new. We fruitfully cooperate with the Italian manufacturer Tecnicomar, which is considered the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of reverse osmosis systems and disinfection of wastewater. The patented new ECOmar system, adopted by the US Coast Guard, fully meets IMO / MARPOL standards. The Italian brand offers a wide range of high-quality installations that meet the needs of a wide variety of vessels - from the enormous size of ocean liners, to small private boats and yachts.

SBS LTD is the official representative and agent of Tecnicomar, which allows you to distribute wastewater treatment systems of a wide variety of characteristics across Russia: in terms of capacity, size, performance. We deliver durable and high-quality installations, the usability of which was appreciated by many of our customers.

Ekomar installations are fully automated. The operator is only required to run it. Provides remote control via GSM.

The cycle is as follows:

· Polluted or waste water enters the work tank;

· In the tank it is settled;

· Special disinfecting ingredients and clean water are added;

· The process of settling and circulation continues;

· The fluid is cleaned to an acceptable level and discharged overboard.

The whole cycle is built on the course of physical and chemical reactions, after which the water is disinfected and cleaned.

Wastewater treatment is an important task for the preservation of the environment. And the SBS company is doing everything possible for this.

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The unit, which is operated for disinfection and desalination of seawater. Constructively it contains a special membrane through which water is pumped, clearing of salts, impurities and pollution. This all happens under high pressure. At the exit water of drinking quality is obtained.

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