Parameters of selection of reverse osmosis systems

Water filters, operating on the principle of reverse osmosis, opened many decades ago. But their mass exploitation began recently.

Installations of the return osmosis were widely used - they can be met both in life, and in the industry. They were actively distributed in various vessels and other watercrafts, where the lack of clean drinking water is particularly acute.

SBS Company pays due attention to the desalination of sea water on ships, so we offer advanced and high-tech equipment:

· Desalinators Tehnikomar;

Industrial high-power and domestic desalination systems are practically the same in principle of operation and device. All membrane elements are arranged according to a modular principle, that is, they represent a composite structure in which each membrane can be replaced individually.

Features of the osmosis
At the very initial stage of cleaning is a mechanical filter - it detains all kinds of inclusions that are in the liquid. Then a membrane and mineralizer are installed. Filters block not only harmful components, but also necessary for the human body. For these reasons, you can not do without a mineralizer. Completes a series of filters ultraviolet installation - it destroys the harmful microorganisms contained in the liquid.

What to look for when choosing?
All reverse osmosis plants have a similar structure. Therefore, it is important to determine their parameters.

There are systems with a built-in pump - they turn on automatically and maintain the pressure in the water supply system to the desired values. The treatment plants purify water to a distilled state, therefore, a mineralizer is indispensable: its function is to saturate the water with necessary substances.

The ultraviolet module is another important advantage that allows you to drink not only tasty, but also useful water. The other filters also need to pay special attention - the quality of the entire device directly depends on them.

SBS offers desalters and water purification systems in a wide range of choices. For details, contact our managers!

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