Reverse Osmosis System

Installations of the return osmosis in container or complex execution

Reverse osmosis technology is the most sought-after seawater desalination technology used on merchant, transport and cargo ships. The osmosis membrane not only disinfects, but also purifies seawater from 97% of impurities, reduces the level of iron and heavy minerals, chlorides, hard salts. The output is drinking purified water and safe water that meets all sanitary standards and requirements for the quality of fresh water.

The compactness of modern reverse osmosis plants allows you to install them in the standard block modules on the vessel. If necessary, it is possible to perform desalination plants in container format or in the form of elements of a water treatment complex.

Installations for the desalination of water necessarily involve the primary treatment of sea water through a mechanical filter that traps sand and large particles. Then the water is cleaned with a sand filter and only after complete mechanical cleaning can water flow into the pump with a pressure of about 50-60 MPa.

Modern reverse osmosis equipment has a number of advantages in front of distillation desalination plants:

  • simplicity of design and reliability during operation

  • durability and low cost of repair and maintenance (furniture has a long service life and simple replacement procedure)

  • very low noise and power consumption

  • availability of a system for automatically adjusting the working pressure of pumps taking into account different levels of salinity

  • port water treatment capability

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