Sale and supply of reliable shipboard equipment

Ship equipment is a whole complex of units, installations, mechanisms and devices that ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of any ship. The safety of the crew and passengers of the vessel directly depends on the quality, health and reliability of the equipment.

Ship systems include countless instruments and machines that can be divided into separate categories. Each category solves a highly specialized range of tasks, and all for the sake of controllability and safe operation of the ship.

SBS Company supplies shipboard equipment for river and sea swimming facilities of any capacity, displacement and specifications.

Product range

In our virtual catalogs you can find the main types of installations and devices for ships:

  • electrical equipment;

  • navigation equipment;

  • deck equipment;

  • radio equipment;

  • fuel equipment;

  • rigging and fittings;

  • main and auxiliary power units;

  • emergency and rescue equipment;

  • navigator equipment;

  • fire extinguishing equipment and much more.

The required set of ship equipment depends on the operating conditions of the ship. For example, if we are talking about a seagoing vessel that travels long distances, then the presence of a pitching stabilizer, a chipper and a desalter is extremely important.

Here you can find units for vessels of any category - emergency and rescue, passenger, minesweepers, timber carriers, container ships, bulk carriers and others.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

SBS Company has been providing services for the provision of ships for many years. In working with clients, we are guided by the following principles - to be honest and open with partners. It is for these reasons that our customers become permanent customers.

Our experience, knowledge, skills and energy are focused on the supply of high-quality, reliable and safe equipment. The key to success in the activities are the people with whom we cooperate.

For questions and advice, contact our managers. Call the specified contact numbers, write to e-mail or use the "Feedback" form.

We look forward to collaborating!

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