Separators - reliable environmental protection

The bilge water separator (BWS) is a special device that aims to protect water areas from being contaminated by oils, oil and other human waste on ships. To date, the floating facilities used separators of various types: flotation, centrifugal, gravity, combined and others. Among the manufacturers can be noted American, Polish, South Korean, Italian, German and, of course, domestic brands.

Principle of operation

From the decks, water flows through the drainage system into prefabricated wells. After that, using a powerful pump, the water is pumped into the bilge tank. Then a separator comes into play, which cleans the contaminated liquid, separating the oil products and dumping them into a special collection tank.

BWS classification

Purification devices on a design are divided into pressure and vacuum. The difference lies in the location of the pump. If the pumping mechanism is mounted after the separator, then this type is called vacuum.

It is also possible to classify the bilge water separator according to the purification method.

  1. Gravity installations. The most common and structurally simple modification of the separator, in which the liquid passes through two stages of purification.:
    • gravitationally separating chamber - here the polluted water is heated, which means that oil impurities float to the surface due to the difference in density;
    • filter element - microparticles are retained in the wire, synthetic, fiber filter, and then float to the surface.
  2. Centrifugal separators.

    Water heated to the required temperature is supplied to the drum, which rotates. Due to the centrifugal forces, petroleum products are collected in the center, after which they are removed from the system.

  3. Biological. The principle is built on bacteria that feed on petroleum products. This is a relatively innovative development that is characterized by the highest degree of purification..
  4. Flocation. Oil particles are trapped by air bubbles that float to the surface. As a result, foam is formed - it is collected by special vanes.

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