Ship devices: windlass and spiers

Anchor-mooring systems on ships can be classified into equipment for lifting / lowering the anchor chain and for adjusting the cables. Windlass is a module on the deck, which has a horizontal shaft. Thanks to the asterisks, which are placed on the same shaft, the windlass regulates the work of the anchor chain. In addition to the windlass, a spire is used - it performs the same tasks.

Windlass and spiers - what's the difference?

The functions of the first and second are the same, only the spiers can also be used to select additional functional cables / trawls / networks. The constructive difference is that the shaft on the steeple is arranged in a vertical manner, and the asterisk and the wheel are represented one by one. In the windlass, 2 stars and 2 torches are installed in parallel, which allows simultaneous descent / ascent of several anchor chains at once. However, there are modules with 1 turachka and 1 asterisk or no turachka If there is only one working side, the windlass resembles a spire, and it can provide the descent and lifting of only one mooring rope or anchor chain. The spiers are usually mounted on especially large vessels. As for the windshields, they can be operated on small vessels with a small displacement.

Types of windlass

  1. With worm / cylindrical steps on the gearbox, where the tension power is supplied by one engine.
  2. The step is conical, and the power is reproduced by one engine.
  3. With a gearbox, in which two stages are represented as a cylinder, and work is provided by two engines.

What do we offer?

The SBS company sells windshields and spiers in a wide range with various types of drives - electric and hydraulic. Our experts will help you choose equipment for all types of vessels, regardless of displacement and destination of the ship.

We sell only high-quality equipment that meets all the necessary requirements of reliability and safety of operation. If you have any additional questions, or wish to receive detailed consultations, call the indicated contact numbers +7 (812) 240-44-64, +7 (812) 240-44-65 or send an e-mail to office @ sbs-spb. ru.

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