Ship equipment from SBS LTD - the latest advances in shipbuilding technology at affordable prices for you

Modern ship equipment manufactured in Germany, Austria and other European countries is sold by SBS LTD. The advancement of the shipbuilding industry stimulates the active development of the nomenclature and characteristics of the ship equipment. Improved design, some materials replace others.

For example, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, which has excellent resistance to seawater and when operating in vibration conditions, is increasingly replacing metal with metal. This replacement, of course, is not thoughtless: plastic is not suitable for the production of blocks of equipment for loading and unloading, which must remain strong even at low temperatures.

The development of production technologies is moving along ways to reduce the cost of the materials used and improve the environmental safety of ship systems. In particular, special attention is paid to the development of effective and not requiring the use of chemicals systems for purifying and disinfecting ballast water. Purification systems for waste and oily water are marketed.

Repair technologies are also being improved. Often, unfortunately, repairs are made even when the replacement of old equipment is required - the matter is that the lack of finances. Only high-tech shipboard equipment and repairs using the latest technological advances are offered by SBS LTD.

Professional ship equipment
SBS LTD is a company that combines many manufacturers of professional and specialized ship equipment. We supply systems for both small ships and especially large ships.
Every year the shipbuilding industry shows an ever more rapid pace of development, increasing production capacity. This gives a serious impetus in terms of product sales and the establishment of new partnerships.
Our company is the official representative and agent in the Russian Federation of a number of manufacturers. SBS LTD cooperates with various design offices and shipyards. Today we supply ship equipment of the following brands:
· Vehar Omega (Netherlands);
· Palfinger (Austria);
· Rapp Marin (Norway);
· Technicomar (Italy);
· Bonhoff (Germany);
· Dan Compressors (Denmark);
· Straatman (Netherlands);
· Alu Design (Norway) and others.
The catalog of our offers is constantly increasing, offering more and more new shipbuilding products. SBS LTD pays great attention to process optimization, while continuing to improve the quality of service and offer more convenient and advantageous conditions for cooperation.
Our online resource provides the ability to select products from various categories:
· Lifting systems;
· safety equipment;
· Deck units and modules;
· Towers - platforms for maintenance;
· Galley equipment;
· Cabin accessories;
· Devices for desalination and water purification;
· Bow thrusters;
· And other equipment.
You can purchase almost everything from us - from the crane-manipulator and the lifeboat, to the navigator’s seat, compressors and nitrogen generators. You can buy a wide variety of accessories at a reasonable price. In addition, we are ready to supply technical documentation, spare parts and components for ships and marine equipment in a wide range. We are engaged in the maintenance of equipment during its operation.
SBS Company carefully ensures that the cost of services remains at a competitive level. The quality standard of our products is confirmed by long-term guarantees.
Our ship equipment is associated with reliability, functionality and safety!

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