Ship fenders

Ship fenders from the SBS company

Absolutely every ship is moored to the pier or ship. And in order not to damage the ship's hull, working in difficult conditions or in bad weather, special ship fenders are used. These devices function as a shock absorber, that is, spring when the two sides come into contact. They are made of high-strength rubber, and therefore have impeccable technical and operational properties:

· Fenders are resistant to deformation, ultraviolet radiation, sudden temperature changes, moisture, salt;

· Energy-intensive;

· Resistant to petroleum products and other chemicals;

· Elastic.

The SBS company offers fenders in a wide range of choices - here you can find ship equipment of any type and modification.

Varieties of energy conversion and transfer

1. Damping. Made of durable rubber. The design provides a hole with which the compression energy is absorbed. There are two types - gas and hydraulic (suspended in a vertical way).

Fenders are partially or completely filled with water. And when the sides are stressed, the water is forced out through the hole. Then the water enters the shell again.

2. Shock absorbing. Separated into elastic and pneumatic. The latter, in turn, are chamber (there are two shells - outer and inner) and tubeless (one shell, reinforced with synthetics or metal).

3. Combined. Consist of two shells, where the inner is filled with air. The gap between the shells is filled with water, which is squeezed out when a ship collides. There are two types - hydropneumatic and hydroelastic.

Variation of duration of use

1. Permanent. This subspecies is used on special vessels that constantly have contact with other surfaces. On the back of the hull and on the bow of the tugs and icebreakers, you can meet exactly the permanent fenders.

2. Temporary. Used on ordinary ships.

Species by location

Fenders for a ship in stock from the SBS company

1. Floating. Descend to the surface of the water and serve as a reliable shock absorber. The number of used fenders directly depends on the size of the ship. Structurally, they are several cylinders that are interconnected by chains. From above cylinders are closed by tires.

2. Airborne. They are auxiliary means protecting the hull of ships from impacts when mooring with another ship or berth. There are two types:

· Fore - mounted on the bow of the vessel;

· Side cylindrical - mounted on both sides;

SBS LTD is engaged in the sale of fenders of any kind - we have exclusively high-quality and reliable products that will last for a long time without deteriorating the technical characteristics.




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