Ship Hydraulic Cranes

The electro-hydraulic crane is a modern and convenient cargo mechanism designed to perform loading and unloading operations and transfer cargo in a traverse way from one vessel to another or to a stationary object. Hydraulic cranes are installed on ships for various purposes - cargo, field, rescue, as well as on stationary platforms. This crane provides loading and unloading operations at a distance of up to 20 meters and an agitation of up to 4 points.

The hydraulic crane benefits in many ways from classic electric cranes. It is smaller and lighter than an electric crane of similar capacity and easier to manage. Also, the control of a hydraulic crane is much safer for the operator due to the fact that the controls of the crane are removed from the mechanisms of hydraulics and ensure a smooth change of all movements.

The actuators are connected to valves for controlling the system of pipes and hoses. The cabin is, as a rule, insulated and equipped with all the necessary electronics, which makes the work on the hydraulic crane comfortable and safe, increasing its efficiency. It can be equipped with a remote control panel, which allows the operator to be in close proximity to the loading area and to easily control the operation of the crane. The undoubted advantage of a hydraulic crane is the possibility of continuously varying the speed of work. Cranes are equipped with special devices that monitor the movement of vessels during the transfer of goods from vessel to vessel in conditions of mutual vertical oscillations of vessels during rolling, which ensures unstressed cargo handling.

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