Ship Lift Hydraulic Cranes

Crane installations on some ships are installed on a mandatory basis, and in others - as needed. The hydraulic crane manipulator allows the swimmer to solve a wider range of tasks. Some ships need powerful lifting machines, and for others such requirements are not necessary.

The SBS company is engaged in the supply and maintenance of various ship machinery, in particular the PALFINGER-type hydraulic lifting equipment.

Why Palfinger?
Excellent quality of cranes, high technical and operational characteristics, affordable cost - all this has provided a special interest in the Austrian PALFINGER lifting equipment, both from the military naval / river fleet and from the civilian.

A hydraulic crane is an effective tool that can be used on ships of any specification. With its help, it is possible to carry out loading and unloading operations of cargoes of even large mass and volumetric dimensions in the cramped space. The presence of several links in the boom, a different reach of the boom, the possibility of turning around its axis, compactness, changing the angle of inclination - these and many other possibilities open up when operating hydraulic cranes.

Lifting equipment will be useful in solving the most complex tasks. To make a purchase and receive detailed information on the entire range of lifting machines, please contact SBS.

We will be happy to provide professional advice and answer any questions!

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