Ship water desalination plants and their types

In order for the ship to stay in the open ocean for the longest possible time, it should be provided with fresh drinking water. This is one of the most important tasks. Ships use water for a variety of needs:

· Distilled water - for batteries;

· Technical - for engine operation ;;

· Nutritious - for boiler systems;

· Technological - for household needs;

· Drinking - for cooking.

It is not possible to take such a volume of water with you on a long voyage. Therefore, use specialized desalination plants. For example, evaporator units are used for the production of boiler water; the combined devices - for household and feedwater; and reinforced desalination systems for drinking.

High-quality desalination plant is capable of recycling waste, sea and industrial water. The output is purified liquid, which can be further used for its intended purpose. Or throw it into the open sea without harming the environment.

What are desalination plants?
1. Filtration or as they are called "osmosis". The principle of operation is a membrane through which contaminated water seeps under pressure. Liquid is cleared of all types of pollution. For better purification, water is passed through the second stage of purification, as well as through bactericidal and mineralizing devices.

Osmosis-type desalination plants are characterized by reliability of operation and cost-effectiveness of electric energy consumption. For these reasons, in modern shipbuilding, filtration units can often be found.

2. Vacuum or as they are called "distillation". Sea or polluted water is evaporated, after which the condensation procedure takes place. In this way, all the beneficial microelements are washed out of the liquid, so it cannot be eaten much.

Divided into two types:

· Boiling;

· Not boiling.

Additionally, desalination plants are equipped with auxiliary equipment: a softener, special filters and others.

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